Castoldi Jet Tender 28

8.60 m

Jet Tenders can all travel, remaining stable and dry, at more than 30 knots in rough offshore waters, as well as in shallow waters. They can land on the beach and cross at speed sand and mud banks. Jet Tenders do not have any exposed rotating parts or protrusions under the keel and are therefore safe for people in the water or on-board and able to safely cruise at night.
Manoeuvrability is superb. Jet Tenders manoeuvre better and faster than boats with traditional propulsion systems in closed spaces as they can use maximum power (and, therefore, maximum thrust) even at low speeds. They are capable of turning on their own axes and of stopping within a maximum space of 1,5-2 times their own length, to avoid impacts and collisions.

*Weight: 2.480 kg (empty with oil and water in the engine and oil in the waterjet

At a glance
8.60 m
Design Category
2480 KG
Fuel Tank Capacity
210 L
Full Specifications
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