RIGINOS offers yacht management services that can be exclusively customized depending on client’s needs. Our team of experts will assist you on maximizing the enjoyment and at the same time minimizing the risks of owning a yacht. Our company offers support and advice in key aspects of yacht ownership such as yacht administration, crew management, technical support, accounting and insurance.

yacht management from our point of view
Yacht Administration
We handle all aspects of yacht administration, from yacht registrations and annual renewal of safety and flag certificates to managing name and ownership changes. Our team provides expert legal advice to navigate the complexities of yacht ownership and operations. Additionally, we ensure your yacht is well-provisioned with fuel and lubricants, maintaining readiness for any voyage.
Technical Support
At RIGINOS we offer comprehensive technical support to ensure your yacht operates at peak performance and meets all regulatory standards. Our services include annual work planning, where we collaborate with the captain to prepare a detailed list of maintenance and repair works needed each year. We manage the entire quotation process, securing competitive quotes for each task to ensure cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. We organize and oversee drydocking, visiting the yacht during this period to ensure all work meets our high standards. Our team also coordinates all necessary flag and class surveys, ensuring your yacht complies with all maritime regulations. We handle the timely supply of all necessary parts to your vessel, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient operations. Our technical support services are designed to keep your yacht in optimal condition, allowing you to enjoy seamless and safe yachting experiences.
Crew Management
The services we provide regarding crew-related logistics, include hiring, training, crew payroll, seafarer contracts, and managing the yacht's crew in order to ensure your yacht is staffed with highly skilled and reliable professionals.
Charter Management
Our goal is to maximise your yacht's revenue potential and deliver outstanding results, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a well-managed, high-performing charter yacht. Our comprehensive approach begins with dynamic marketing strategies to keep your yacht in the spotlight and attract discerning clients. We manage all aspects of guest services, from personalized itineraries to luxurious onboard experiences, ensuring that every charter is memorable and we take care of all regulatory compliance, ensuring that your yacht adheres to international maritime laws and standards.
Yacht insurance
We work with reputable insurance providers and financial experts that specialise in yachting to ensure comprehensive coverage, financial stability and peace of mind for yacht owners. Our team expertly manages the entire yacht insurance process, including obtaining and comparing insurance quotations, handling insurance claims, arranging crew medical insurance, and appointing surveyors for insurance assessments.
Financial Administration
Managing the financial aspects of chartering can be complex, but our team simplifies the process. We handle all financial administration, including budgeting, accounting, and detailed financial reporting.
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