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Greece: Top Destination for Sailboats and Catamaran Charters
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Greece: Top Destination for Sailboats and Catamaran Charters

According to a recent research, which analyses trends and developments in the yachting market for 2023,  Greece is the country with the highest number of available sailboats for charter. Specifically, the number of sailboats available for charter in Greece reached 2.580 in 2023, with 740 of them being catamarans. Following Croatia with 2.100 available boats, including 505 catamarans. Moreover, in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece rightfully holds the second position in charters after Croatia.

The primary areas in Greece offering boats for charter are Athens with 920 boats, dominated by the marinas of Alimos and Lavrion, following the Ionian Islands with 850 boats, mainly in Lefkada, Corfu, and the emerging Preveza. In terms of starting bases, Athens marinas take the lead for destinations like the Argosaronic or the Cyclades, while Ionian marinas secure the second position.

Regarding catamaran owners’ preferences, Lagoon shipyard emerges as the most popular with a total of 1,330 boats, followed by Leopard with 309, Bali with 297, Fountain Pajot with 255, Excess with 76, and Nautitech with 53 boats.

According to our data, the most popular catamaran models in Greece are:

  • Lagoon 42
  • Lagoon 46
  • Lagoon 450 F
  • Bali 4.1
  • Bali 4.6

It’s worth noting that the majority of boats available in Greece are built in 2016, while in Croatia, our direct competitor, vessels from 2017 prevail. To maintain a modern fleet, RIGINOS primarily offers boats built from 2020 onwards, ensuring luxury, comfort, and safety for charterers. Greece experienced a significant increase in available boats for sale in 2020, largely due to the ESFA investment program, offering subsidies up to €200.000 for the purchase of professional vessels. However, a downward trend has been observed in the market for new boats, with 199 boats in 2023 compared to 228 in 2022.

Marilena Vetta, Chartering Consultant at RIGINOS, stated, “Since 2022, we have noticed a trend towards catamarans compared to monohulls. The market is primarily composed of tourists seeking a high level of services. It’s noteworthy that a catamaran is rented for an average of 19 weeks per year, with this number influenced by both the region and the rental price.”

The most significant markets for Greece during 2023 were Germany, France, England, Slovakia, Austria, and the United States. Israel was also a particularly important market in terms of incoming tourism, although current conditions have significantly impacted demand for the next season.

Greece: Top Destination for Sailboats and Catamaran Charters

Factors Influencing Catamaran Bookings:

♦ Climate Change: The climate change effect has impacted May bookings, marking the beginning of the season, with frequent occurrences of rain and unstable weather conditions. However, favorable weather conditions prevailing in October in Greece have extended the season until the first ten days of November, even in the Ionian region where several rains are observed.

♦ Flight Prices and Routes: Flight prices and available routes, mainly for areas outside Athens, are additional factors influencing catamaran bookings.

♦ Costs: Although boat vacations are considered an expensive type of holiday, the actual cost of boat rental is comparable to that of renting a villa or a room in a luxury hotel. For example, the rental of a bareboat sailboat starts from €3,000 per week for 8 people, including overnight stays and transportation (excluding fuel). The comparison of boat rental prices with other holiday methods depends on factors such as the type and size of the boat, the region, and the type of services requested by the renter.

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